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Public Notices


Bush Fires Act 1954
Shire of Wyalkatchem
Notice to all owners and/or Occupiers of Land within the Shire of Wyalkatchem.

PURSUANT to the powers contained in Section 33 of the above Act, you are hereby required on or before 1 November 2017 to plough, scarify, cultivate or otherwise clear and thereafter, maintain free of all flammable material until 1 March 2018, firebreaks in the following position and of the following dimensions, on the land owned or occupied by you.
Rural Land
  i. Firebreaks are to be not less than three (3) metres in width around the internal boundary of adjoining properties and on the internal boundary to a road verge;
  ii. That firebreaks be cleared and maintained at least three (3) metres wide within 20 metres of
the perimeter of any building or group of buildings, haystack or bush land, in such manner as to completely encircle the building, haystack or bushland.
All Townsite Lots within the Shire of Wyalkatchem are required to be cleared and maintained free of all flammable material.
For the purpose of this section flammable material means dead grass and timber, boxes, cartons, paper and any combustible material or rubbish does not include living trees and shrubs and plants in gardens.
Fuel Dumps and/or Depots
All grass or flammable materials to be cleared from areas where drum ramps are located and where drums, full or empty are stored and such areas are to be maintained free of grass and similar flammable material until 1 March 2018.
For the purpose of this section flammable material means dead grass and timber, boxes, cartons, paper and any combustible material or rubbish does not include living trees and shrubs and plants in gardens.
Prohibited burning period from: 1 November 2017 to 7 February 2018.
Restricted burning period: 19 September 2017 to 31 October 2017 and 8 February 2018 to 22 March 2018.
General Provisions
If it is considered to be impracticable for any reason to provide firebreaks in the position or adhere to the provisions required by this notice, the property owner must request in writing to the CEO for approval to prepare such firebreaks in an alternative position. Approval to any such variation will only, be granted where the Bush Fire Control Officer for the area has first signified his approval for the variation, (Examples of reasons to relocate firebreaks include where there are natural firebreaks or areas prone to soil erosion).
The penalty for failing to comply with this notice is a fine of $250 which may be incurred by, issue of an Infringement Notice, and a person in default is also liable, whether prosecuted or not, to pay the cost performing the work directed in this notice
If the requirements of this notice are carried out by burning, such burning must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Bush Fires Act.

Ian McCabe

Chief Executive Officer



The Shire of Wyalkatchem has been advised there will be wide-spread planned power outages in October. The Shire of Wyalkatchem office will be subject to Western Power outage 4 October 2017 and 12 October 2017 but plans to have generator in place to minimise the effect of this interruption.


Residents should be aware that the NAB bank branch will be closed Thursday 5 October due to power interruption and other businesses may also be affected. Please consider how this may affect you and what options you may have.


Residents are advised to plan ahead. If you have received an advice from Western Power that your property may have limited power in October think about how to prepare:

  • Investigate use of a generator;
  • Have access to a fixed line phone;
  • Unplug un-necessary and sensitive appliances;
  • Adjust your fridge and freezer to the coldest setting and only open when necessary;
  • Talk to your neighbours and friends and make sure you’re aware of the needs of others.


For more advice go to the Western Power website and read about Safety and Access and Power Outages or call Western Power on 13 10 87.

Active Citizenship Awards Nominations


Do you know someone who makes a difference to our community?

Calling for nominations to

recognise outstanding local citizens on Australia Day 2018.


Nominate in three categories.

                           · Citizen of the Year                                                        · Citizen of the Year - Youth            

                                                                                · Active Citizenship - Group/Event


Nomination forms are available online at or at the Shire website and paper forms at the Shire of Wyalkatchem Office.





Western Power Maintenance Program

The Shire of Wyalkatchem is working with Western Power to increase public awareness of network improvements, service disruptions and other important community information. This will be published via the Shire website and in local notices as information becomes available.


As part of Western Power’s 2017-18 Maintenance Program we making a substantial investment in the Wyalkatchem Community, replacing 239 power poles and 7 kilometres of overhead powerlines.

Work will commence in July 2017 and continue through to June 2018, however this may change due to weather and other unforeseeable circumstances. If resident and/or business are going to be affected by an outage they will notified individually by our planned outages team via a letter.

Keeping the community and our crews safe throughout these works is our number one priority. It is not always safe to work on live lines so there will be times when we will need to interrupt the power supply.

To ensure that your community is kept up to date about both planned and unplanned outages we recommend that you visit the Western Power website for the outage map. This will provide current outage location and estimated restoration time.


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we undertake these network improvements.

Community Consultation


FAQs for this Burning Period are available here.

Council Forms

Forms including facility hire, complaint and feedback forms are now available to download and print off our website.
Visit the page Council Forms by clicking HERE or going to Publications/Media under the Council tab.



Under the Shire of Wyalkatchem's Local Law (number 12) every person liable for the control of a dog at any time who does not pick up its excrement is committing an offence and will be fined $200.

You may have noticed that we have new doggy bags dispensers located at the Rec Centre. These bags are highly durable. There is no excuse for not picking up after your pet.