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Council Policies

Code of Conduct for Councillors, Employees and Committe Members:
Code of Conduct

BP - Building Policies
BP1 Now PP2 (below)

GP10  Rostered Day Off
GP11  Annual Leave and Long Service Leave and Leave Without Pay
GP12  Procedure for Extended Employee Absence
GP14  Telephone Use
GP15  Road Closure Temporary
GP16  Honorary Freeman of the Shire
GP17  Relocation Expense Reimbursement
GP18  Education and Study Assistance
GP19  Selection Process
GP20  Debt Collection
GP21  Flying of flag at Administration Buidling
GP22  Employee Use of Council Facilities: Plant and Equipment
GP23  Fitness at Work
GP24  Photographic Record of Events
GP25  Voting Delegates to WALGA AGM
G26  Fuel and Machinery on Roads
GP27  School Bus Signs
GP28  Renaming Roads
GP29  Road Closures
GP30  Playground Equipment
GP31  Loss of Drivers Licence
GP32  Position Analysis Descriptions and Salary Determination
GP33  Staff Support Initiative
GP34  Employee Wellness Policy
GP35  Local Government Industry Award 2010 and Discretionary Additional Employee Conditions
GP36  Shire Housing Policy 2013
GP37  Plant and Vehicle Replacement
GP38  Undertaking Private Works
GP39  Use of Council Vehicles Policy
GP40  Casual Hirers Liability Insurance
GP41  Risk Management Policy
GP42  Council Workshop Policy
GP43  Workplace Health and Safety Policy

HP - Health Policies

PP-Planning Policies