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Address - Corner of Flint St and Honour Ave
Phone - 9681 1166 Fax - 9681 1003


If you have any queries regarding your rates please contact the Shire on 9681 1166 or email

Your Council has reviewed the cost of providing services, the need to replace ageing assets now and in the future and what facilities and services are required by residents. Council has done this within a risk management framework that is equitable and financially prudent.

The Shire's operating revenue budget is $4,043,461 with State and Federal grants comprising 66% and rates 27%. The Federal Government's freeze of Financial Assistance Grants will reduce assistance to this community by atleast $70,000 each financial year and compound into the future. The operating and capital budgets will require a 7.5% increase in total rates revenue (before discounts and concessions) to $1,121,576 and a 2.5% increase to fees and chareges. The self-funding waste service has increased charges by 2.2% in the coming year. The Shire will sell one property that is surplus to requirements. Rates levied to individual property assessments vary according to advice from the State Governments Valuer General.

Major features of the year ahead:
Roads expenditure of $1,257,528 (an increase of 16.3%);
$120,000 in new additional expenditure for sports and recreation (new netabll court and $40,000 support for bowls surface replacement);
Free swimming pool entry for all users will be trialled in 2015/16;
Support for business is expanded with funding for shop front improvement;
A project officer to assist business with planning, grants and marketing and annual business awards;
Recognition and support for school's centenary;
Continued infrastructure and accreditation support for a general practitioner doctor;
Capital expenditure of $2,565,904 (an increase of more than $1.4 million, including the joint project with the Wyalkatchem Senior Citizen's Homes Trust Inc. which will see four units constructed in 2015/16 and new plant for your roads crew);
An increase in reserve funds of $308, 056 which will assist in replacing aged assets;
No new debt - a reduction in debt of $157, 864 (28%); adjusted staff salaries will be $427,000 less in 2015/16 that 2013/14.

Your Shire is working hard to improve value and satisfaction with our service. Your Council aims to deliver the services and facilities you require to the standard you expect. Your rates contribution ensures this happens- your opinion assists in targeting our effort. The Shire sincerely thanks you for both and encourages your support for community, sports and commerce in this district and region.
Ian McCabe
Chief Executive Officer


Preferred Means of Payment

eft.jpg Via elctronic Funds Transfer:
Acc Name: Shire of Wyalkatchem
BSB: 086 977
Acc No: 50838 3313
Ref: Your Assessment Number
phone.jpg Via telephone using credit card:
Call the Shire on  08 9681 1166

(During Office hours 9.00am -4.00pm)
person.jpg In Person at the Shire:
Cnr Flint St and Honour Ave, Wyalkatchem,
(Cash, cheque and EFTPOS available)
mail.jpg Via mail addressed to :
Shire of Wyalkatchem
PO Box 224
Wyalkatchem WA 6485

(Cheque and money orders accepted)


Administration 320,290
Law, Order,Public Safety 98,568
Health 278,775
Education & Welfare 16,368
Housing 219,653
Community Amenities 223,661
Recreation & Culture 517,040
Transport 1,342,136
Economic Services 67,356
Other Property & Services 1,000
TOTAL 3,084,847

Emergency Services Levy

This levy is a compulsory State Government charge for all property owners. It funds all fire and emergency services and supports our local volunteers. The state government has set the minimum rate on taxable properties at $68. For information about the levy, visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website.

Refuse Charges

Waste collection including recycled waste and tip maintenance is fully funded by these charges.

Domestic/Commercial Bin Charges The annual charge for domestic and commercial bin services is $309 per service, including a weekly collection.
Eligible Pensioner/Senior Discount on waste services is a 30% discount on the full waste collection charge. This is $93 in 2015/16. For eligible pensioners and seniors, the waste collection charge will be $216.
Rural Health Levy is paid by rural properties and the annual charge is $62 per assessment in 2015/16.

External Works Program

Spending a total of $1,521,525 which is comprised of:

  • Roads Maintenance        $1,257,528
  • Town Maintenance         $145,049
  • Garden Maintenance      $118,948

Capital Works Program

Spending a total of $2,565,904 with projects including:

  • RRG Tammin Wyalkatchem Rd SLK 14.21-16.36 (2.15km) - Shoulder Widening & Primer sealing (no final seal) - $162,994
  • RRG Koorda Wyalkatchem Rd SLK 8.3 - 10.80 (2.5km) - Shoulder Reconditioning - $125,966
  • RRG Nembudding South Rd SLK 14.10 - 17.64 (3.54km) - seal/reseal - $93,736
  • Resealing parts of Riches St, Piesse St and McLean St - $130,093
  • Gravel Sheeting of unsealed roads - $284,221
  • New netball/basketball court - $80,000
  • Support for new bowling greens - $40,000
  • Recreation Centre Kitchen Upgrade - $25,000
  • New Footpaths - $18,000
  • Youth Project - $20,014
  • Solar Lighting on path between Honour Ave and Hands Drive - $12,000
  • Senior Citizens Homes Project - $965,225

Community Support

  1. Commitment to supporting the medical centre and health services to the community with cash support and administrative overheads of $196,029
  2. Expenditure on the Swimming Pool for running costs and maintenance of $149,750
  3. Expenditure on the Recreation Centre in oval maintenance for cricket, hockey and football and building maintenance of $108,745
  4. Expenditure on the Town Hall and Korrelocking Hall of $84,508
  5. Expenditure on public parks and gardens of $60,353


The average general rate increase for rural and town site properties in 2015/16 is 7.5%. Your individual increase may vary if there has been a change to your property valuation determined by the State Government's Valuer General.

Category Minimum Ratea Rate in Dollar
GRV Townsite $420.00 0.08341
UV Rural $500.00 0.01744

Instalment Option

Council Offers a four (4) instalment payment scheme. The following conditions apply:

  • All areas and accrued interest must be paid with the first instalment
  • An instalment payment fee of $5.00 per instalment (excluding first instalment) plus interest of 5.5% pa will be applied
  • If an instalment amount is not paid by the due date than a daily interest charge of 11% pa will accrue until the instalment is paid in full.
Instalment payments are due by the following dates:
1st instalment: Friday 21 August 2015
2nd Instalment: Friday 23 October 2015
3rd Instalment: Friday 08 January 2016
4th Instalment: Friday 11 March 2016


A discount of 2.5% (On Rate charges only) will be allowed if all rates and charges are paid in full by 4.00PM FRIDAY 07 AUGUST 2015.
Full payment (after discount date) and first instalment payments are due by 4.00PM FRIDAY 21 AUGUST 2015.
Eligible pensioners/seniors must pay their waste collection fees by 21 August 2015. To qualify for rebates, eligible Pensioners/Seniors must pay all Local Government Rates and ESL charges by 30 June 2016.

Penalty Interest

Under the Local Government Act 1995 interest is charged on over due amounts. Council has set the charge at 11% per annum which will be applied to all amounts outstanding after 35 days from the issue date of the Rate Notice. Penalty interest will accrue daily until all overdue rates and charges are paid in full. Eligible pensioners are exempt from interest charges.

Difficulty Paying your Rates

Should you be experiencing difficulty in paying your rates, contact the Shire as soon as possible to discuss alternative payment arrangements. Rates under a payment arrangement will be charged a $50 administration fee per assessment. For more information, please call the Shire Office on 9681 1166.

Consequences of Non-Payment
Where no election has been made to enter into an instalment option or payment arrangement, and where Rates remain outstanding after the due date, legal action will be taken for their recovery. Legal fees can be up to $1,000 per assessment and will be added to the debt.