Enabling WA children to participate in community sport and recreation.

Kidsport application forms can be collected from your Local Govenment office. All applications for kidsport must be handed into your Local Government office.


Kidsport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5-18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fee. The fees go directly from the Local Government to the registered Kidsport clubs participating in the project.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Applicant must be aged 5-18
Applicant must have a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card OR be referred by a recognised financial assessor - contact the Shire for more information
Applicant's primary place of residence must be in the local government area where they are applying

What else?

Funding will cover the cost of fees to join the nominated sport or recreation club and this may include other related costs identified by the club.
Maximum of up to $150 per child per calender year
Fees are only for the nominated registered season
No retrospective fees will be paid
No limitation to applications per family aas long as the criteria is met

How do I get a Kidsport Application?

Contact the Shire on 9681 1166 to find out where you can pick up a form OR Google Kidsport for a form and take it to your local government to validate - if you have a valid concession card you can now apply ONLINE

Can an applicant use the Kidsport funding to play more than one sport?

Yes as long as the total applied for is not more than $150 per calender year

How do clubs check if an aplicant is eligible to access Kidsport funding?

Clubs should only accept application forms that have first been validated by local government. They will confirm if applicants are eligible by validating and registering the voucher

Can an applicant participate at a club that is not in the local government area they reside in?

Yes, but the Kidsport applicant must be lodged with the local government where the applicant lives.
For more information visit or call 9681 1166

Financial Assessors-who are they, what do they do?

Financial Assesors identify those who would benefit from Kidsport. They include, but are not limited to school teachers, docters, police, social workers, local area coordinators and other community organisations
Financial Assessors can assist with the completiong and lodgement of forms
Financial assessors are ideal to promote Kidsport to their community
Local governments can advise where Kidsport application forms are available and supply further information on the registered financial assessor

Sporting Club Criteria

Sport and recreation clubs get involved in Kidport by registering as a Kidsport club at the Shire Office.
To be eligible clubs can be a:
Not-for-profit sport or recreation club and affiliated with a recognised State Sporting Association or have affiliation through a State organisation
Business/privately owned BUT individual members MUST be affiliated with a recognised State Sporting Association or have affilliation through a State organisation.

Once registered, Kidsport clubs recieve application and then invoice the shire for the cost of the applicant's fees and other identified costs. All Kidsport voucher's must be submitted and validated by the Shire before being accepted by the club as payment for fees. Shire staff can assist with the invoicing process for Kidsport vouchers.
Clubs can promote Kidsport to their members easily. Once the club has been in contact with the Shire and has application forms they can be handed out at registration days and to parents/guardians. Information can also be distributed via club newsletters and through club and State Sporting Association websites. Ask the Shire for promotional material.

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