COVID-19 Community Update - Neighbour to Neighbour Project

Wed, 25 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Community Update - Neighbour to Neighbour Project
The Shire of Wyalkatchem is launching the Neighbour to Neighbour project, which aims to support community members at high risk of being impacted by the threats of COVID-19.
Neighbour to Neighbour encourages local residents to sign up and volunteer to help vulnerable people in their community with simple errands, including grocery shopping, dog walking, posting mail or simply checking in with a friendly call.
The project aims to connect with people who are self-isolating, people with disability or underlying health issue, aged persons and people who don’t have family support locally.
Vulnerable people, in particular the aged or people with chronic health issues, are recommended to limit their interaction with the general public as a safety precaution for their own health. Even if you are not currently self-isolating, we are here to help connect you with people with a capacity to help.
If you or anyone that you know requires support during this challenging time, please register their details with the Shire. Shire Staff will try to connect them with the most appropriate services for their situation.
Additionally we are seeking members of the community who have an interest and capacity to assist with ensuring our vulnerable members of the community are provided with the support that they need. If you are able to volunteer, please register your details with the Shire.
Registration is simple, simply complete applicable ‘neighbour to neighbour’ form, contact Shire Staff to register your details or message us on Facebook.
Forms are available by clicking the below links and can be returned by email to
Forms are also available at the Shire Office (please call ahead first - (08) 9681 1166) and participating outlets around town.