Community Grants


The Community Grant Program recognises the efforts of community, clubs and other not-for-profit organisations by helping them deliver a diverse range or projects, events, activities and initiatives that contribute to the wellbeing and quality of life for residents of Wyalkatchem.

Councils Community Grant Program - Quick Response Grants is now open, offering funds to support local groups and organisations in the delivery of community projects and events. Council invites applications from community groups and organisations for funding up to $2,000. Funding priorities will be given to projects that:

  • Support volunteers by building the capacity of local clubs and organisations with small equipment purchases;
  • Support programs, activities and initiatives delivered by community groups; Support community development initiatives;
  • Increase the range of events, activities and services within the Shire;
  • Provide mentoring opportunities to community organisations to strengthen their organisation; and
  • Generate local economic activity, tourism and community development.

To apply for a Quick Response Grant, please complete the Application Form and forward to:

Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Wyalkatchem



Email: Subject Line: Community Grants Application

To ensure your project meets program eligibility and to encourage every chance of success, it is imperative to read the Community Grant Program Guidelines.

Applications are open soon.

In addition to the Quick Response Grant, the Shire also provides support through other funding streams, being:

  • Sponsorship - up to $250 - application form here
  • Waiving of Council Fees - up to $1500 - application form here

Information of these funding streams can also be found within the Community Grants Program Guidelines. Both of the funding streams are open all year round.

For more information, or to discuss your application, please contact the Shire on 9681 1166

The application form is available here and can be submitted anytime throughout the year. For more information on the process visit Community Grant Guidelines.

Community grants are subject to Council policies, which can be found here.