Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management is ensuring sustainable management of our land, water and ecosystems. Doing this will result in economical and environmental benefits now and in the future.

If you are interested or would like help with any of the following services please contact the Shire.

  • Water Quality Testing - for salinity and pH levels (testing suitability for livestock)
  • On site farm visits
  • Camera Monitoring available for all species. (i.e Endangered Fauna and Feral Pests)
  • Links to Professionals in State Government departments such as PDaW (Dept of Parks & Wildlife), DER (Dept of Environment Regulations), DAFWA (Dept of Agriculture & Food) and DOW (Dept of Water)
  • Educational literature on sustainable farm land use, soil guides, weeds and plant identification etc.
  • Assistance with Grant applications.
  • Information source for funding opportunities, rebates, trials, field days etc.
  • Equipment for hire such as cat traps and hand tree planters.
  • Reptile relocation - A qualified, licensed reptile remover
  • For any grants/opportunities/field days available to you please see links below or call direct.