On a walk along the main street you will discover several murals of  Wyalkatchem depicting various aspects of life in the town and rural areas.

Wyalkatchem Cemetery

Wyalkatchem Cemetery

Three kilometres west of town, follow along the north side of the railway line.  Graves date from 1916.

Cowcowing Lake

Cowcowing is a small town located just off the Koorda-Wyalkatchem Road. The town originated as a railway siding and was later gazetted as a townsite in 1919. The name of the nearby lake was original the Aboriginal name 'Gow gow eeh lake', which has since been renamed to Cowcowing Lake. The meaning of the name remains unknown.

Korrelocking Reserve

Take the road to Trayning and turn left at Tyler Road just before the Korrelocking townsite. A wonderful place for a picnic.
There is a pioneer well a short walk from the car park.

Yorkrakine Rock

About a half hour drive from town on the way to Tammin, this is well worth a visit because of its unusual formation. Yorkie Rock is 341 metres high and covers approximately 160 hectares. In spring there is usually an interesting variety of wildflowers and orchids.