Fire and Emergency

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Minutes from Bush Fire Brigade AGM 17 October 2017

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Fire Permits/Burning Information

Restricted Burning Period: 19 September 2022 to 31 October 2022
Between these dates permits may be required to burn, please contact the Shire if you are unsure about the regulations.
Prohibited Burning Period: 1 November 2022 to 7 February 2022
During this time all burning, including that of garden refuse, is prohibited.
Restricted Burning Period8 February 2023 to 22 March 2023
Between these dates permits may be required to burn, please contact the Shire if you are unsure about the regulations.

Changes to the DFES Prepare Act Survive publication and direct links to the DFES publications and Fact Sheets updated to the following:


The Water Corporation is prepared for bushfire season however we cannot guarantee that water pressure or water supply will be maintained in the event of a bushfire.

  • The Water Corporation will always do all that they can to maintain supply however fire damaged infrastructure or a cut to power can result in a total loss of water.
  • If scheme water is available during a bushfire it is a bonus for property protection efforts, but it is not something that can be relied upon.
  • People who plan to stay and defend their property during a bushfire need to have their own independent water supply and pumping capability, and must not rely on the public water supply.
  • Full details about how to prepare for the bushfire season can be found on the DFES website.


  • Permits are to be issued four days in advance of proposed burning;
  • If a permit is required with less notice, written consent from neighbours must be obtained prior;
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) are to be notified of burning within three kilometres of all DPaW Reserves;
  • Three people are to be attendance at all times;
  • A minimum three metre firebreak;
  • Wind speed of less than 15 kilometres per hour.
  • Fire appliance with a minimum of 600L water present


A permit is required to burn garden refuse before 6pm during the Restricted Burning Periods, and is subject to the conditions as set out on the permit.
Garden refuse may be burnt without a permit after 6pm during the Restricted Burning Periods, subject to the following conditions of the Bush Fire Act 1954 and the Health Act 1911:

  • The pile of refuse being burnt does not exceed one square metre of area;
  • A five metre wide area clear of flammable material surrounds the pile (Lawn, paths, driveways may be considered as cleared area);
  • The fire is only lit between 6.00pm and 11.00pm;
  • Only one pile is alight at one time;
  • The fire is completely extinguished by midnight;
  • At least one person is in attendance at all times;
  • There is a means of extinguishing the fire available at all times, (garden hose, knapsack spray or fire unit);
  • You notify your neighbours of your intention to burn;
  • The smoke from your fire does not cause a nuisance to neighbours;
  • The smoke from your fire does not cause a traffic hazard;
  • Do not burn household or commercial waste or any noxious materials;
  • Do not burn damp, wet or green material at any time as this will cause excessive smoke

Smoke from the burning of garden rubbish can cause nuisance and annoyance to other residents.  Please consider this and plan to minimise smoke.