Community Services

Many services are available in town. For other trades and services or enquiries contact 9681 1166.

Wheatbelt Agcare (a counselling and referral service)  9046 5091 Councillor Di Morgan 0488 964 255      

Service Name Address Opening Hours Contact Info Website
Library and Tourist Centre Wyalkatchem Community Resource Centre Lot 5700 Railway Terrace, Wyalkatchem

9am-4:30pm (Mon-Fri)

9681 1500
Mail Australia Post - Wyalkatchem LPO 41 Railway Terrace, Wyalkatchem

9am-5pm (Mon-Fri)

9681 1330
Email and Internet Service Wyalkatchem Community Resource Centre Lot 5700 Railway Terrace, Wyalkatchem

9am-4:30pm (Mon-Fri)

9681 1500
Banking Australia Post - Wyalkatchem LPO 25 Railway Terrace, Wyalkatchem

9am-5pm (Mon - Fri)

9681 1330
Food Dunning's Wyalkatchem Roadhouse Lot 329 Hands Drive, Wyalkatchem

6am-4pm (All Week)

9681 1333
Food Wyalkatchem Hotel 35 Railway Terrace, Wyalkatchem

6pm-8pm (Closed Sunday))

9681 1210
Food Wylie Garden Cafe 31 Railway Terrace, Wyalkatchem

6am-2pm (Mon-Sun)

6102 3784
Food Wyalkatchem General Store 43 Railway Terrace, Wyalkatchem

8:30am-5:15pm (Mon-Fri)

8:30am-12pm (Sat + Sun)

9681 1261
Doctor/Medical Larry Elsegood Medical Centre Honour Avenue, Wyalkatchem By appointment 9681 1140

Wallambin Lodge Social Committee


Hospital, HACC and Meals on Wheels

Lyn Stewart

June Smith

Wyalkatchem & Districts Hospital

0408 928 128

0447 847 417

9692 1222

Mechanic Petchell Mechanical   1 Riches Street, Wyalkatchem

0427 811 007

0438 300 117

Advertising Wylie Weekly

Eric Anderson

Christy Petchell

0429 811 261

0404 121 979

Rubbish Collection

A contract rubbish service which uses 240 L mobile bins is provided to townsite residents every Monday
Contact the Shire on 9681 1166 for all enquiries

Licensing and Registrations

Motor vehicles, drivers and gun licenses can be paid at the Bushel (CRC) on Railway Tce
ALL dogs and cats need to be registered or fines will apply. This can be done at the Shire office on Honour Ave

Swimming Pool

Wylie's Olympic size swimming pool opening times are Wednesday to Mondays 11.30am to 6.00pm from 1 November to 31 March

Free admission , contact Shire 9681 1166

 Swimming Pool

Community Bus

Available for hire, contact Shire 9681 1166

Recreation Centre

The kitchen, bar and function areas can be hired on request

Buildings at the Recreation Centre

Buildings at the Recreation Centre

Netball/basketball Courts at the rec centre 

Cricket nets at the rec centre

Cricket nets at the rec centre

Pet Cemetery

A pet cemetery is located opposite the Rubbish Tip entrance where residents are welcome to bury their beloved pets who have died

A pet cemetery burial fact sheet can be found here.